Whats New

We are very excited about our new range of Glasshouse products.These beautifully packaged hand and body creams, milks, soaps and candles are made in Sydney with the emphasis being on fragrance. We love the Glasshouse Diffusers which together with their special reeds, are designed to deliver a generous amount of fragrance around your home.

We also love the new seasons range of Elk contemporary jewellery, which is stylish, easy and fun to wear and affordable.

Of course, we have our ever changing selection of antiques, mantiques (tools, fishing gear etc.), fossils, collectables and vintage homewares, curios, must haves and fun things.

FOSSILS:  Well not exactly new, in fact sometimes incomprehensively old, our fossil collection ranges from insects trapped in amber from Columbia in South America that are approximately 6 million years old to Trilobite fossils from the 'Wheeler Shales' in the U.S.A. that are a staggering fossil jewellerytrilobite pendant.jpg535million years old, imagine that, over 1/2 a billion years old. We stock a selection of fossils from around the world, including Australia ranging from the more common types such as ammonites & trilobites to more exotic pieces such as fossil dinosaur teeth from the Moroccan Saraha. We have an ever changing selection on hand & we are able to source that special piece for  the serious collector.We also have from time to time beautifully handcrafted sterling silver jewellery incorporating prehistoric fossils such as Trilobite & dinosaur teeth pendants, all tastefully done & each piece Fossil Knightia Sp. Wyoming U.S.A.unique